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Gerilim Renewable Energy and Technology Inc. is an EPC company operating in the fields of renewable energy, solar power plant maintenance and operation, power transmission line projects, and high voltage operation responsibility. The company is located in Izmir, Turkey.
Our priority is to match the realization of projects to our costumers’ tri-fold expectations of price, quality and timely delivery. Gerilim Energy undertakes all consulting, engineering, application, and maintenance processes necessary to implement your project, and strives to provide customer-oriented services open to innovation and development.



We have evaluated the sector and seek to meet its requirements, expand the business, and provide numerous products within our field, thereby ensuring quality customer service and creating a satisfied customer portfolio.



These days there are many varying areas of expertise necessary to meet the needs of the renewable energy sector. Forming a separate department in our own company for each of these areas will drive up the prices of our products. These high prices will negatively affect the customers.

Therefore, we are working to establish a consortium of companies each expert in their own fields that will share experience and expertise to produce synergy, as an orchestra’s conductor directs the many instruments of his orchestra to perform a unified composition. Teamwork is more efficient than working alone


Customers know the needs of their facilities, and we as a company have the expertise to meet these needs. A project needs contributions from both parties to be successful. The mission of this company is to synthesize the information provided by customers and our years of experience to produce quality work.